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Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: In the event of a return, we pay the shipping cost to send any unwanted items back to us up to 30 days after you've received your order. 

Q: What is the warranty on SKRE Gear?

A: You break it – we replace it! Period!

Q: Which Pattern should I choose?

A: Our Summit pattern is very effective in the spring and early fall, while Solace tends to be favored in the later season. Both patterns are built with concealment algorithms that are designed to move with you through multiple habitat environments. Many of our ambassadors and loyal customers have used both patterns throughout the season with great success.

Learn more: https://skre.ca/pages/which-pattern-to-choose

Q: What does Skre stand for?

A: Scree pronounced /skrē/ is an accumulation of loose stones or rocky debris lying on a slope or at the base of a hill or cliff  

Q: Does Skre have an outfitter program?

A: SKRE is proud to offer an Outfitter Program to support professional users in the field. Upon approval, licensed outfitters may purchase SKRE Gear products at preferred pricing for professional use. 

- Must be a registered outfitter in Canada

- Provide SKRE Canada with a copy of your current outfitter license

- Complete and submit the form below

Apply here: https://skre.ca/pages/guide-program

Q: Does Skre have a Field Staff or Ambassador Program?

A: We sure do! If you would like to be considered, please check out our application process at: https://skre.ca/pages/skre-ambassador

Q: How is the sizing of the gear?

A: We have gone to great effort to ensure our sizing runs true to size. If you are between sizes we always advise customers to size up. Please refer to sizing charts provided on each product page.

Q: Can Skre help me decide what gear I should get?

A: SKRE has knowledgeable staff on hand ready to help you select the right gear for a successful hunt. You can conveniently use the chat feature on the website or call us at 1-800-420-2320.

Q: Do you have a Field Staff or Ambassador Program?

A: We sure do! If you would like to be considered, please check out our application process at: https://skre.ca/pages/skre-ambassador

Q: Is there a physical location that stocks SKRE Gear?

A: There is not, but there is a good reason for that! As an online, direct-to-customer brand, we can offer a top-quality product at a much more competitive price. What we do offer is a true 100% satisfaction guarantee and our VIP Sizing program. 

The guarantee ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your gear, you can send it back for a full refund (including the shipping!). 

The VIP Sizing Program means that if the size is not right, then we pay the shipping costs back and forth until you get the right size. Zero cost to you! 

Q: I own a retail store and want to sell SKRE Gear – how do I get it?

A: We apologize, but SKRE Gear is strictly a direct-to-customer brand. We do thank you for your interest in the product line! 

Q: Where is SKRE made? Where is SKRE based out of?

A: SKRE Gear is a company founded in, and based out of the U.S.A. It was started by a small group of passionate outdoorsmen who wanted to put customer service as their primary focus. The company has rapidly grown, and have partnered with them to be the exclusive distributor in Canada. The clothing line itself is manufactured in China. While we are big advocates of supporting local businesses, and would love to provide a product line made in Canada or the U.S.A., we have to balance that with providing you with a quality product at a competitive price.

The design of the clothing line is based out of Hurricane, Utah. The Canadian distribution through SKRE Canada is based in Lloydminster, Alberta.

Q: Can I track my order?

A: Yes. Once you receive your shipping confirmation you will receive a tracking number.

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