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Ibex 300 Merino Beanie


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The SKRE Ibex 300 Merino Beanie is the perfect piece of gear to grab when the temperatures dip. At 17.5 micron, this 100% Superwashed Merino wool beanie will keep you warm while enduring the rugged terrains your adventure takes you to. Keeping you warm isn’t your only concern, which is why the Ibex 300 is antimicrobial and antibacterial, providing enhanced odour control! Between that and the no-shine, quiet nature of this beanie, your concealment kit will be complete. As a bonus, we designed it with flatlock seams for enhanced comfort.

No other fabric breathes like Merino wool. This is why Merino was the clear choice when constructing this high-performance base layer piece of gear. The fact that merino wool can absorb an astonishing 35 per cent of its weight in water, without feeling wet, and rapidly discharge it into the environment, makes it the most breathable material around.

Weight: 170 grams (6 oz.)


Merino utilizes nature as it's wash board, and is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static. It disinfects itself in fresh air and is naturally resistant to odours. Merino fibre has a protective film that prevents stains from being absorbed. It’s static-resistant environment also means it picks up less grime from the air. Many outdoorsmen believe wool to be an itchy material, unwanted against the skin. Merino wool is a completely different fabric than traditional wools, thanks to those superfine fibres that Merino sheep manufacture. It’s smooth, silky-soft, and comfortable even against the most sensitive skin.

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