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Cool mornings and hot afternoons often create a challenge when layering for early season hunts, which is why we created the Kaibab 150 LS crew. The Kaibab 150 was designed as a core layering powerhouse for early season hunts. Whether you are sitting a stand or sprinting to intercept your quarry, the Kaibab 150 thrives in warm weather by recruiting its natural merino fibers to manage moisture allowing you to stay cool, dry, and fixated on success. Additionally, we utilize a Core-spun process by spiral mating merino fibers with synthetic fibers for enhanced memory and durability.

Fabric Details

  • Multi Directional Stretch
  • 150 GSM Insulation
  • 87/13 Superfine Merino core-spun blend

Product Features

  • Excellent Moisture Management
  • Wicks Moisture Away from Your Body
  • Anatomical Fit Provides a Full Range of Motion
  • Flat Lock Seams Prevents Chafing When Wearing a Pack

Recommended Use

Early Season Base Layer


Merino utilizes nature as its washboard, resulting in fibers that are naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-static. It disinfects itself in the fresh air and is naturally resistant to odors. Merino fibers have a protective film that prevents stains from being absorbed. Its static-resistant environment also means it picks up less grime from the air. Many hunters assume wool to be an itchy material, undesirable against the skin. Merino wool fibers are completely different from traditional wool fibers, thanks to those superfine filaments that merino sheep manufacture naturally. It’s smooth, silky-soft, and comfortable even against the most sensitive skin.

Special Technology

  • Naturally Antimicrobial for Ultimate Odor Control
  • Naturally, UV Absorbent Eliminates Unnatural Glare
  • Naturally Fire Resistant
  • Naturally Stain Resistant


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